The TOEIC Bridge™ exam

The TOEIC Bridge is produced by ETS and is not as difficult as the
TOEIC test. The TOEIC Bridge test was developed especially for beginning to lower-intermediate learners of English.

Who is it for?

  • Students who are learning English and are at a beginning to lower-intermediate level
  • Learners of English who are taking commercial English language courses
  • People who need to know some English for work, travel, or other purposes.

What is the TOEIC Bridge test like?

The TOEIC Bridge test is a 1.5 hour multiple-choice test that consists of 100 questions divided into two sections:

Listening, 3 parts, 50 questions

  • part 1: photographs
  • part 2: question-response
  • part 3: short conversations or talks

Reading, 2 parts, 50 questions

What about scores?
You get a score for both Reading and Listening as well as a total score. You do not pass or fail.

You can compare your TOEIC Bridge scores with the CEFR as follows:

  A1 A2 B1
TOEIC Bridge Listening Score range is 15-50 16 26 39
TOEIC Bridge Reading Score range is 15-50 19 34 45

Click here to see a table comparing the different exams related to their CEF level.

How much does it cost to take TOEIC Bridge ?
Fees vary from country to country.. Expect to pay around 70 euros. You can pay extra to have the test marked more quickly.


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