The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test

The Listening and Reading test takes 2.5 hours and has two sections:

Where can I take the test?
The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is a paper and pencil test and can be taken in different centres

Who is it for?
The Test is used by organisations to determine whether an employee is suitable for a particular task. If you work or want to work for a large organisation, particularily in Asia, then the TOEIC test will be useful to you.

In some countries you can also take a Speaking and Writing exam along with the Reading and Listening.

What about scores?

The TOEIC Reading and Listening gives a score between 10 and 990:

  • 905 - 990 International Proficiency
  • 785 – 900 Working Proficiency Plus
  • 605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency
  • 405 – 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
  • 255 – 400 Elementary Proficiency
  • 185 – 250 Memorised Proficiency
  • 10 – 180 No Useful Proficiency

Click here to see a table comparing the different exams related to their CEF level.

How much does it cost to take TOEIC Listening and Reading?
Fees are set by test centres. Expect to pay around $140 USD for each component (Listening and Reading / Speaking and Writing).





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