Integrated Skills in English B2

This test from Trinity College is at B2 level.

You take Trinity B2in two parts — Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening.

The Reading & Writing exam takes 2 hours and has four parts:

  1. Task 1 — Long reading - one long text and 15 questions
  2. Task 2 — Multi-text reading - read 4 short text and answer 15 questions
  3. Task 3 — Reading into writing - write an essay or an article based on the four texts in Task 2. 150–180 words
  4. Task 4 — Extended writing- An essay, article, letter, review or email in response to a question.150–180 words.

The Speaking & Listening exam is a one-to-one interview with a Trinity examiner.
The exam is in three parts:

  1. Topic task - You need to talk about a topic you have already prepared
  2. Collaborative task - Look at some pictures about different subjects and discuss one of them with the examiner
  3. Conversation task - Discuss a topic with the examiner
  4. Independent listening tasks - You listen to two recordings and take notes. The examiner will ask you about the recordings

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