Integrated Skills in English B1

This test from Trinity College is at B1 level.

You take ISE I in two parts — Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening.

The Reading & Writing exam takes 2 hours and has four parts:

  1. Task 1 — Long reading - one long text and 15 questions
  2. Task 2 — Multi-text reading - read 4 short text and answer 15 questions
  3. Task 3 — Reading into writing - write an essay, article, email, letter or review using ideas from the texts in task 2 to help you. Try to use your own words and sentences." 100–130 words
  4. Task 4 — Extended writing - An essay, article, letter, review or email in response to a question.100–130 words.

The Speaking & Listening exam is a one-to-one interview with a Trinity examiner.
The exam is in three parts:

  1. Topic task (4 minutes) - You need to talk about a topic you have already prepared
  2. Conversation task (2 minutes) - Your examiner will choose one of the given subject areas and will ask you about the subject to start the conversation. It is important to prepare to talk about each area.
  3. Independent listening tasks (7 minutes) - You listen to two recordings and take notes. The examiner will ask you about the recordings

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