Difficulty: B1, intermediate

In the writing section of the Preliminary English test there are two parts. In part 1 you have to write an email based on some notes.

Read this email from your English speaking friend Sam and the notes you have made.
Write your email to Sam using all the notes.

PET Writing part 1 (email)

From:  Sam

Subject:  Jan’s leaving party


I’m writing because, as you know, Jan is leaving our school and moving to Australia. I was thinking of having a party to say goodbye. Do you think it’s a good idea? Great Idea!

If so, can you think of a good place to have the party? Suggest ...

Would it be best to have it on a weekday or at the weekend? Answer and explain

Also, I’m thinking of hiring a band for the party. Do you know what sort of music Jan likes best? Answer the question

See you soon!