Difficulty: B1, intermediate

In the writing section of the B1 Preliminaryfor Schools English test there are two parts. In part 1 you have to write an email based on some notes.

Read this email from your English penfriend Amy and the notes you have made.

Write your email to Amy, using all the notes.

B1 Preliminary for Schools Writing part 1 (email)

Hi there,
I’m looking forward to your visit during the spring holiday. Me too!

I hope you are too. My family and I are making preparations, and we’d like some information from you!

How are you going to get here? One of my parents can pick you up from the bus or train station if necessary. Tell Amy

What food do you like, and is there any food you don’t eat? Explain

I would also like to know what you would like to do while you are in visiting the capital city. I know you don’t come here often! Suggest

Write soon!

Best wishes,



B1 Preliminary for Schools Writing