Cambridge English: C1 Advanced (CAE) Reading

Difficulty level: C1 / advanced

What is The C1 AdvancedReading test like?
The test has four sections and takes 75 minutes:

  1. Part 1 - three themed texts with multiple-choice questions
  2. Part 2 - text with 6 paragraphs mising
  3. Part 3 - long text with multiple-choice questions
  4. Part 4 - Multiple matching

There are 34 questions in The C1 AdvancedReading Test. It makes up 20% of the entire exam.

How to prepare for The C1 AdvancedReading test

  • Read widely. The texts used in The C1 Advancedreading can be: newspapers, magazines, journals, non-literary books, leaflets, brochures, etc
  • Read the instructions carefully before you start
  • Read all the text before you answer any questions
  • Remember that questions come in the same order as the answers in the text in the multiple-choice part of the paper.