The TOEFL® Speaking Test, Part 3

Read the following text from a college course manual and listen to the conversation that follows it. Then, answer the question. 

Course: GL202
Assessment Procedure Cont.

Part 3.6 - Group Work
The geology department is aware of the problems surrounding of group work, and its unpopularity among students. We realize that in some cases students do not contribute and thus gain marks they do not deserve, while stronger students are frustrated at being held back by weaker students. Similarly, it is very difficult for tutors to award marks for group projects, as it is unclear who is responsible for each part.
However, the department feels that there is a great deal to be gained from group work, in terms of self-organization and communication skills. To this end, we plan to introduce a system whereby the group work itself is not formally assessed, but each student will undertake an individual piece of work based on the group project, which will be designed to ensure participation in the project.


Listen to the conversation.

Question: The man expresses his opinion of group work. State and explain his opinion. Compare his opinion with the opinion of the geology faculty.

See text of conversation

See text of sample answer

Preparation Time: 30 seconds

Response Time: 60 seconds

After 30 seconds, please speak into the microphone. You should speak for 60 seconds. Afterwards you can compare your recording to a sample answer.


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