Cambridge English: B1 Preliminary (PET)

Difficulty level: B1 / low intermediate
The Preliminary English Test is one of the Cambridge English exams.

Who is it for?
Do this test if you want to know that you have an intermediate level of English. With this level of English you will enjoy holidays in English speaking countries. You should probably continue studying once you have passed the B1 Preliminary exam.

What is the B1 Preliminary test like?
The test has these sections:

  1. Reading six parts - 32 questions - 45 minutes
  2. Writing two parts - 45 minutes
  3. Listening four parts - 25 questions - 30 minutes
  4. Speaking - an interview, - four parts - 12-17 minutes

You will receive a separate score for each of the four papers. These four scores are averaged to give you an overall result for the exam.

There are two versions of the B1 Preliminary test:

  1. B1 Preliminary
  2. B1 Preliminary for Schools

Both versions have the same type of questions. The B1 Preliminary for schools test has content of interest to school-age learners.

Paper-based or computer-based exams
You can do the B1 Preliminary exam on paper or on a computer. There are monthly examination dates for the B1 Preliminary exam, and even more options for the B1 Preliminary for Schools.


You receive a Statement of Results showing the CEFR level.

  • 160-170 = A = B2
  • 153-159 = B = B1
  • 130-152 = C = B1
  • 120-139 = Level A2

If you receive a score lower than 120, it will be reported on your Statement of Results but you will not receive the Preliminary English Test certificate.

B1 / B2 / Alte 2 / low intermediate. Click here to see how it compares with other exams.

When can I take the test?
Arrange with your closest test centre.

How much does it cost to take B1 Preliminary?
Fees are set by test centres. Expect to pay around €120 euros.