PET for Schools Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing are taken together - 90 minutes

  1. Reading part 1: short texts
  2. Reading part 2: match 5 people to 8 texts
  3. Reading part 3: text with True/False questions
  4. Reading part 4: long text with multiple choice questions
  5. Reading part 5: text with multiple choice gaps
  1. Writing part 1: sentence transformations
  2. Writing part 2: write a short message
  3. Writing part 3: write an informal letter OR a story

The Reading and Writing sections are each worth 25% of the total score for the exam.

  • Each of the 35 reading questions scores 1 mark.
  • Writing part 6 questions score 1 mark each
  • Writing part 7 is marked out of 5
  • Writing part 8 is marked out of 15

How to prepare for PET for Schools Reading and Writing

  • read the instructions carefully before you start each section
  • think about the timing. Spend about 50 minutes on the reading, 40 minutes on the writing
  • study these vocabulary topics
  • study grammar at B1 level
  • practise writing short texts, including emails


PET for Schools Writing

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