Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) Use of English

Difficulty level: B2 /Upper Intermediate

What is the B2 First (FCE) Use of English test like?
The test has four sections and takes 45 minutes:

  1. Part 1 - multiple choice cloze
  2. Part 2 - open cloze, text with gaps
  3. Part 3 - word formation
  4. Part 4 - key word transformations

Score 1 point for each question in parts 1-3
Score 2 points for each question in part 4

How to prepare for the B2 First (FCE) Use of English test

  • The Use of English paper tests your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.
  • Read as much as possible, and use a dictionary to help you learn new words
  • Use a grammar book to help you understand sentence structure
  • Read the instructions carefully before you start each section
  • Look at the example question at the beginning of each section
  • Correct spelling is necessary. Get into the habit of checking the spelling of words