Michigan ECPE

The Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is an advanced (C2) academic EFL exam. The language used in the test is American-English.
Who is it for?
The ECPE is a test of advanced English language proficiency, reflecting skills and content typically used in university or professional contexts.

What is the Michigan ECPE test like?
The test takes 3 hours and has these sections:

  1. Listening - 2 sections, 50 questions
  2. Cloze test - 1 passage, 20 questions
  3. Grammar - 40 questions
  4. Vocabulary - 40 questions
  5. Reading - 4 sections, 20 questions
  6. Writing - 1 task
  7. Speaking - interview with examiner

How does the ECPE compare to other exams?
Those receiving an ECPE Certificate would be expected to have language skills comparable to those receiving a Cambridge Proficiency of English (CPE). ECPE Certificate holders are at the C2 level.
Click to see a table comparing Michigan ECPE with other international exams.

How is the ECPE scored?
Those who obtain passing scores on all four sections of the ECPE are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency. Those with high scores on all four sections are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency with Honors.

Where do I take the test?
At a test center in your country. Click here to find a test center.

How much does it cost?
The test fees are set by each center. About $220 USD or €185 euros.

For further details, please contact:
The The Michigan English web site


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