Business English Certificate ( BEC)

The BEC exams are produced by Cambridge English. They test your English in a business context.

What level is BEC?
There are three levels of BEC:

  1. B1 Business Preliminary (B1)
  2. B2 Business Vantage (B2)
  3. C1 Business Higher (C1)

Who is it for?
The Business English Tests are designed for individuals. They are designed to help professionals develop the English language skills to communicate confidently in an international workplace.

What are the Business English tests like?
The Business English tests are published by Cambridge English. The tests have four sections`: Reading, writing, listening and speaking (the Reading and Writing paper is combined at B1 level).

Where and when can I take the tests?
BEC is held on various fixed dates in centres worldwide. the tests are available between three and seven times a year, depending on which level you choose. Candidates must enter through an authorised centre. You can find details of dates and centres here.

Computer or Paper tests?
There are computer and paper versions of the test. Some centres will only offer one version. The speaking test is always an interview with an examiner.

Do I need to have business experience to take the BEC tests?
No, the Business English exam tests your English in a business setting but you do not need to know specialised business vocabulary or concepts.



B1 Business Preliminary

C1 Business Higher